What We Do Not Do

"We believe the traditional approach to working with a Financial Advisor is broken."

We do not charge a fee unless your returns are greater than the S&P.

Our Investment Plan looks nothing like the traditional approach.

If you are currently working with a Financial Advisor, you are likely familiar with the following scenario:

The Investment Plan advocated by the majority of Financial Advisors looks something like this: (1) identify your risk tolerance, then based on this assessment (2) Invest a % of your money in Stocks, a % of your money in Bonds, then sit-it and forget it. From this point, they rebalance your portfolio to the original asset allocation systematically, once per quarter or once per year for example. The fee for this advice can be as high as 1.5% and is charged regardless of your investment performance.

We certainly believe in diversification, asset allocation, rebalancing and the benefits of a being a long-term investor. Our investment strategy is very simple: we want our highest exposure to Stock Market investments when the economy is strong, and our lowest exposure to Stock Market investments when the economy is weak. We determine a Strong and Weak Economy by watching the price of Stocks and Bonds and how they are moving relative to each other.

And that’s what we do.

Our clients have two Investments Portfolios:

(1) weighted heavily in Stocks for a Strong Economy

(2) weighted heavily in Bonds for a Weak Economy.

And while we cannot guarantee your returns will be greater than the S&P500, we will not charge a fee unless they are.