About Us

"Investment planning is not a one-time occurrence you update from time to time with unexpected life events. True investment management requires the ability to make necessary moves on a moment’s notice."
Chris Alton

Chris Alton

I have been married for 12 years to my wonderful wife, Amelia (Amy), and we have two crazy boys. I grew up in Oklahoma City as the son of a salesman and stay-at-home mom and I have four siblings – I am the next to youngest.  My family and life experiences have shaped my worldview.

Professionally, my career has been at the intersection of finance and technology innovation. After graduate school, I spent a dozen years in both mature and fast-growth Consumer Package Goods companies in the wine industry. It was exhilarating to help those organizations during their hyper-growth phase to build scalable systems and processes, but something was missing. I have always enjoyed a passion for finance, and I made a career change in 2014.

I then spent two years at Merrill Lynch in private wealth management working with a team serving clients with over $1B in total assets under management. I soon realized my passion was not in Financial Planning, but in Investment Planning, and moved to a private equity company as a Financial Analyst. Today I have three roles: (1) Senior Financial Analyst at a technology company where I advise on company investments exceeding hundreds of millions annually (2) Lead Portfolio Manager and Analyst for Alton Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisor firm I started in 2018 and (3) Founder of 401(k)ey, an investment planning service for retirement accounts.

Why did I start ACM?

Helping others plan their investments is purposeful work — I’m honored to help you protect and grow all that matters in your financial life. Driving proper investment planning through the use of increasing volumes of data made more accessible than ever before can help provide peace of mind as you keep your family and financial future safe. Recent months have only made this mission more relevant as spikes and troughs in the economic cycle are transforming at an unprecedented pace.

What you can expect from me and ACM

I believe leading investment planning companies should help shape financial well-being and peace of mind for the investors they serve. When technical innovation and forward-leaning financial models are combined with world-class execution, it is truly possible to achieve your highest financial goals. Driven by this mission, I will focus on two priorities tied to the strategic pillars I believe all investors seek:

  • Economic Cycle Insights: ACM has the data and insights to positively impact investment outcomes for Stock and Bond investments. These insights will enable us to make quick decisions around tactical asset allocation.
  • Execution Excellence: Pairing your aspirations with the day-to-day activities of investment portfolio management is priority one. Modernizing key processes and executing them flawlessly is vital. You can expect ACM to drive profitable growth in your investments with a laser-focus on precise execution of your investment plan.

You can expect to hear from me often. I encourage you to reach out with your questions so we can focus on areas that are top of mind with you.

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of your investment planning process. I look forward to diving in and growing with you.

SSG – Shareholders Services Group

SSG is our Custodian. SSG holds your investment assets, we do not. This means Alton Capital Management cannot access your funds. We can not make cash withdrawals. We cannot transfer funds from your account with SSG to another account. You can sleep well at night knowing this is not a “Bernie Madoff” operation as the only person who access to your money is you.

Shareholders Service Group (SSG) specializes in meeting the unique investment and technology needs of independent investment advisors and their clients. Formed in 2002, SSG offers brokerage services with extensive account insurance, a wide variety of investment options, competitive technology and an experienced team committed to providing excellent personal service.

Accounts SIPC Insured

As a member of SIPC, SSG provides account protection up to $500,000, including $250,000 for claims of cash. Additional insurance is included through Lloyd’s of London. This provides excess account protection up to an aggregate limit of $1 billion, of which $1.9 million may cover cash awaiting reinvestment at the individual account level. This amount in excess account protection is the highest level of brokerage account insurance coverage available in the industry today.

Clearing and Custody

SSG has chosen Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon, for securities clearing and custody. BNY Mellon is the world’s largest custodian with over $27 trillion in assets under custody. Shareholders Service Group holds client accounts and processes securities transactions under a fully disclosed clearing agreement at Pershing. That means your assets are safeguarded by one of the oldest custodians in the world. Since 1939, Pershing has provided brokerage execution, trade clearance, securities data processing and investment access to registered broker/dealers. Pershing is a member of the NYSE, FINRA and SIPC, and its international affiliates are members of the Frankfurt, Irish and London stock exchanges. With over six million accounts and more than $1.5 trillion in client assets, Pershing is the largest securities clearing firm in North America and has extensive financial resources.

For more information on SSG, please visit their website at www.ssginstitutional.com


  • We work with BridgeFT (Financial Technology) to provide you with simplified solutions
  • Bridge utilizes Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) so you can be sure the statements you receive reflect accurate performance reporting as outlined by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute
  • Bridge gives client access to your account information, reports and invoices through a Client Portal
  • Bridge provides for a secure file sharing platform for you to share sensitive information with us
  • For more information on BridgeFT, please visit their website at www.bridgeft.com